(NOTE BMW Factory Race Car Engine Blocks & Cylinder Heads listed below are naked/empty no other parts included.) 

OPTIONAL: All BMW AG Motorsport Engines can be assembled and engine dyno mapped and tested in the USA.

#74 ENGINE BLOCK S14B23 93,81mm Naked                 COST: 5,150.00 EURO 

#26 ENGINE BLOCK S14B25 95,38mm  Naked               COST: 6,750.00 EURO

#63 ENGINE BLOCK S14B25 ungehont Naked                COST: 5,700.00 EURO

#81 ENGINE BLOCK S14B25 2,5l Geb.o Hon Naked       COST: 6,000.00 EURO

#72 ENGINE BLOCK S14/7 90,54mm Naked                    COST: 3,500.00 EURO

CYLINDER HEAD S14 DTM 92 seat rings not machined COST 5,690.00 EURO

#878 ENGINE BLOCK S42B20 86,38mm Naked                COST: 3,350.00 EURO

#678 ENGINE BLOCK S42B20 86,5mm Nicasil Naked       COST: 5,225.00 EURO

CYLINDER HEAD COVER CFK "Carbon" S42B20              COST: 1,770.00 EURO

CYLINDER HEAD 1998 VL2 S42B20                                   COST: 5,050.00 EURO

CYLINDER HEAD Zw.zustand S42B20                                COST: 4,556.97 EURO

#16 ENGINE BLOCK S50B30 Vorg.85,75 Naked  COST: 2,600.00 EURO

#04 ENGINE BLOCK M54 79,87mm Naked          COST: 1,500.00 EURO


#50 ENGINE BLOCK P54B20 std. Naked               COST: 2,350.00 EURO

#84 ENGINE BLOCK P52B20 80,00mm Naked      COST: 2,140.00 EURO

#13 ENGINE BLOCK P54B20 80.00mm Naked      COST: 2,825.00 EURO

#41 ENGINE BLOCK P54B20 80,00 ++ Naked       COST: 4,250.00 EURO

#18 ENGINE BLOCK P54B20 80,09 ++ Naked        COST: 4,250.00 EURO

#20 ENGINE BLOCK P54B20 80,09 "0 Naked         COST: 4,325.00 EURO

#25 ENGINE BLOCK P54B20 80,00 ++ Naked         COST: 4,295.00 EURO

CYLINDER HEAD P54B20 320i WTCC "2005"           COST: 6,650.00 EURO

#61 ENGINE BLOCK P45B20 86,00mm Naked            COST: 6,590.00 EURO

CYLINDER HEAD P45B20 2007/2008                    COST: 6,620.00 EURO

CYLINDER HEAD P45 N45B20A                              COAST: 3,400.00 EURO

#44 ENGINE BLOCK P47D20 DIESEL Naked             COST: 1,720.00 EURO

CYLINDER HEAD P47D20 kpl.                                     COST: 3,545.00 EURO

#34 ENGINE BLOCK P14B16 TURBO WTCC Naked       COST: 5,790.00 EURO

#21 ENGINE BLOCK P13B16 TURBO WTCC Naked       COST: 5,790.00 EURO

CYLINDER HEAD P13/P14 BG2.3                                     COST: 5,695.00 EURO

CYLINDER HEAD P13/P14 BG2.4                                     COST: 6,290.00 EURO

#04 ENGINE BLOCK M54 DTC+SP 79,87mm Naked       COST: 1,285.00 EURO

#24 ENGINE BLOCK P54B32 Naked                                 COST: 2,700.00 EURO

CYLINDER HEAD P54B32 Empty                                       COST: 4,850.00 EURO

CYLINDER HEAD P54B32 (-0,3)                                         COST: 4,790.00 EURO




#13 P45B20 '09 SPARE SHORT ENGINE                                                               COST: 57,250.00 EURO -------------------------------------------------------------------

#70 P45B20 Race
SHORT ENGINE                                                                         COST: 61,250.00 EURO ------------------------------------------------------------------

#71 P45B20 SPARE
SHORT ENGINE                                                                     COST: 53,816.00 EURO ------------------------------------------------------------------

BMW NA Motorsport Team PTG

BMW Works Team Schnitzer E46 M3 GTR

Engine P60B40 V8 Race Engine

BMW AG Motorsport division purpose built this race engine in 2001 to win at the American Le Mans Series in North America.

It continued its race season in Europe until 2006, this P60B40 4.0 liter 90 degree V8 race engine was never sold to the public.

It is not related to the BMW M GmbH S62B50 v8 street engine found in the E39 M5 street car chassis.

The BMW Motorsport P60B40 race engine was superseded by the BMW P65B40 v8 used in the E92 M3 GT2 and Z4 GT3 race cars.

Contact Scottsdale Motorsports LLC today: Office: 602-425-6611

#192 P63B44 TURBO SHORT RACE ENGINE                                                      COST: Contact Us Today ---------------------------------------------------------------

​#977 S63B44R TURBOSTREET ENGINE SHORT                                                  COST: 38,808.86 EURO ---------------------------------------------------------------

#20-4M10 Classic BMW works team Schnitzer BMW 20-4 race engine                   COST: Contact us today -----------------------------------------------------------------

#201 P80 V10 BMW AG Motorsport F1 Engine SHORT                                           COST: Contact us today ------------------------------------------------------------------

#36P54B20 REVID SHORT ENGINE                                                                      COST: 32,835.00 EURO -------------------------------------------------------------------

#06 P54B20 
SHORT ENGINE  Includes Intake & Exhaust manifold.                       COST: 67,807.00 EURO -------------------------------------------------------------------

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#88 ENGINE P65B44 2013 ENGINE "Includes Intake"                                           COST: 68,850.00 EURO ---------------------------------------------------------------

#89 MOTOR ENGINE P65B44 2013                                                                       COST: 86,350.00 EURO ---------------------------------------------------------------

#91 MOTOR ENGINE P65/3                                                                                    COST: 45,950.00 EURO ---------------------------------------------------------------

#92 ENGINE P65/3 SPARE SHORT                                                                       COST: 41,950.00 EURO ---------------------------------------------------------------

#10 ENGINE P65/5 SPARE SHORT                                                                       COST: 55,950 EURO --------------------------------------------------------------------

#77 Motor P65/5 2014 Complete Race Engine, All Parts Included                         COST: 92,250.00 EURO ----------------------------------------------------------------

#78 Motor Engine P65/5 2014 spare race engine                                                   COST: 74,950.00 EURO ----------------------------------------------------------------

#014 P65B40 Race Engine SHORT                                                                        COST: Contact us today ----------------------------------------------------------------​​

BMW NA Motorsport Team PTG Race Engines & Parts


Optional Classic Custom Race Team Specification Assembly

Motorsport engine build conducted by the classic original BMW NA Motorsport Team PTG engine builders such as Chris Fletcher. 

1. North Americas Best BMW Race Engine Assembly

2. Proper Stand Alone, BMW Race Engine Management Dyno Mapping

3. The Most Precise Engine Dyno Testing & Motorsport Race Engine Break In.

The Motorsport professional pictured above is the talented Chris Fletcher who still to this day builds some of the most incredible BMW Motorsport race engines in North America.

(NOTE: Chris Fletcher modified BMW AG Motorsport race engines come with the custom option of motorsport performance parts such as: intake manifold, exhaust manifold, custom motorsport wiring harness, engine management system, labor, engine ECU MAP and motorsport instrument cluster all designed to plug and play with each other for easy access into your BMW race car chassis of choice.)

#CF ENGINE S50B30 Stroke 3.4L EXPTG Fletcher ALMS Spec. 450HP                       COST: N/A

#CF ENGINE S54B32 Stroke 3.4L EXPTG Fletcher ALMS Spec. 468HP                       COST: N/A

#CF ENGINE P54B32T Turbo Prototype EXPTG Fletcher 07 Spec. 550-650HP            COST: N/A

#CF ENGINE P54B32T Turbo Drag Race Engine 1,398HP                                            COST: N/A

#CF ENGINE S62B50 EXPTG Vanos Delete 548HP                                                      COST: N/A

#CF ENGINE S63B44 TURBO 675HP to 889HP                                                            COST: N/A

#CF ENGINE S65B40 Stroke 4.4L 595hp                                                                       COST: N/A

#CF ENGINE P65B40 Stroke 4.4L 635HP                                                                      COST: N/A

#CF ENGINE P65B44 Modification 650HP                                                                     COST: N/A

#CF ENGINE N55B30T Turbo Race Spec. 550HP                                                         COST: N/A

#CF ENGINE S55B30T Turbo Stroke 3.2L Race Spec. 587HP                                      COST: N/A

#CF ENGINE S55B32T Turbo Race Spec. 650HP                                                         COST: N/A



Motor / Engine

Übersicht Motortypen / overview engine types S14

S14/1 2.3 Liter Gr. A + Ralley

S14/2 2.5 Liter Trockensumpf / Dry sump 1988

S14/3 2.5 Liter DTM 1990 ->

S14/4 2.0 Liter GBTC 1992

S14/5 2.5 Liter Trockensumpf / Dry Sump 1990 ->

S14/6 2.5 Liter Wet Sump Gr.A 1990 ->

BMW AG Motorsport Race Engines
(NOTE BMW Motorsport race car 
SHORT ENGINES do not come with the intake manifold or exhaust manifold, unless stated.)
(Factory Engines are built by BMW AG Motorsport division in Germany.)

#22 P47D20 4 CYL. In-line Turbo Diesel Short Race Engine 1.995cc                     COST: 22,850.00 EURO -------------------------------------------------------------------

#95 P47D20 2007 Short Diesel Race Engine 260HP & 455 NM. 3,000 RPM          COST: 23,795.00 EURO -------------------------------------------------------------------

#96 P47 '07 rev. Diesel Short Race Engine                                                              COST: 18,425.00 EURO -------------------------------------------------------------------

#01 P13B16 TURBO 4 CYL. 325 HP "Complete Race Engine"                               COST: 87,000.00 EURO --------------------------------------------------------------

BMW AG Motorsport Classic




S14B20: 1990cc Bore: 93.4mm Stroke: 72.6mm Compression ratio: 10.8:1 Max power: 189bhp @ 6,900RPM Max torque: 155lb ft@ 4,900RPM
Application: E30 320iS


S14B23: 2302cc Bore: 93.4mm Stroke: 84mm Compression ratio: 10.5:1 Max power: 197bhp @ 6,750RPM Max torque: 176lb ft @ 4,750

Application: E30 M3


S14B23EVO: 2302cc Bore: 93.4mm Stroke: 84mm Compression ratio: 10.5:1 Max power: 197bhp @ 6,750RPM Max torque: 176lb ft @ 4,750

Application: E30 M3 EVO


S14B23EVO2: 2302cc Bore: 93.4mm Stroke: 84mm Compression ratio: 11.0:1 Max power: 217bhp @ 6,750RPM Max torque: 181lb ft @ 4,750

Application: E30 M3 EVO 2


S14B25: 2467cc Bore: Stroke: 87mm Compression ratio: 10.2:1 Max power: 237bhp @ 7,000RPM Max torque: 177lb ft @ 4,750

Application: E30 M3 Sport EVO

#76 TURBO RACE SPEC ENGINE M235iR                                                                    COST: 29,950.00 EURO ---------------------------------------------------------

#65 TURBO RMFD. RACE SPEC M235iR ENGINE SHORT                                     COST: 18,625.20 EURO -------------------------------------------------------------

#582 P75B60 Race Engine SHORT                                                                           COST: POA ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------

#194 S55B30 Street Engine SHORT                                                                           COST: 28,761.00 -------------------------------------------------------------------------

#66 SHORT ENGINE P54B32 SPARE                                                                     COST: 43,625.00 EURO ----------------------------------------------------------------
SHORT ENGINE P54B32 EVO SPARE "Includes Carbon Intake Manifold"     COST: 47,976.00 EURO ----------------------------------------------------------------

​#54 P54B32 Complete Engine                                                                                  COST: 54,980.00 EURO ----------------------------------------------------------------


#598 S85B50 V10 street SHORT Engine "Dry Sump"  Weight 386 lb.                       COST: 29,995.00 EURO -------------------------------------------------------------