Herschel Brewer holding BMW AG MOTORSPORT Works EVO Race Engine Camshaft and to the right BMW NA Team PTG member  Chris holding the BMW AG Motorsport carbon fiber intake manifold to the BMW S54/P54B32-34 race engine for the BMW E46 M3 GT/GT2 BMW NA Team PTG race car. Below is the uber talented Max of old BMW Williams F1, a brilliant BMW P80 V10 Motorsport Engine Builder.

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Motorsport is a true passion, almost a religion for some. When you don't wish to compromise, look no further, the acquisition of a factory built race car can be found here. We want to make the process as easy and enjoyable as possible for the teams and private clients by streamlining the race car and parts acquisition process. We genuinely care about your factory built race car/engine and your experience during the entire process.

Official certification is an incredibly important part of any classic race cars history. It has brought me great pleasure to come to the customer for the certification process as well as offering a mechanical health inspection of your race car and parts, this should be considered limited when conducted at the clients geographical location versus the workshop.

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We’ve been in the non street legal race car BMW AG Motorsport parts business since 2005, striving to provide race team's and private clientele the very best non street legal BMW AG Motorsport factory race car parts. Our reach is worldwide and focuses on quality and the prestige of making you number one in this highly competitive arena.

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                         For anyone who has ever completed a BMW street car modification or driven a factory race car and immediately became addicted to the handling and raw power of BMW race cars, welcome to your online source for news, race cars and parts. I have always been a BMW fan/enthusiast, my first car at 16 was a used 1985 BMW 325E coupe. It was a safe, solid car that had excellent fuel efficiency and it was uber easy to maintain.  It was a slower car but the ride was very comfortable, that was when the modification bug got to me.

I then purchased used 1987 BMW 325is a small step up from the 325E coupe. This was the first car that I ever tinkered with thanks to the help of a private shop I did summer work for as a kid. In the end I learned I should have saved my money for an engine swap or an actual BMW M car. We all have got to learn some how right? When I had enough money I purchased a 1999 E36 M3 coupe and an old E30 M3. The E30 M3 was modified with an engine swap from the S14B23 engine to the BMW S38B38 in-line six cylinder engine from the BMW M5. The S38 engine was modified utilizing a custom turbo setup to create the ultimate wolf in sheep's clothing.

My next BMW was a 2001 BMW E46 M3, a great car with the only immediate Achilles heel being its stock brakes. They have a tendency to overheat when utilizing the E46 M3 S54B32 engine to its full potential. During this process to improve upon the E46 M3 perfection I reached out and made friends with the very talented Don Burgoon, owner of Performance Friction Brakes. His company supplied race car brakes to the BMW NA Motorsport team PTG "Prototype Technology Group". BMW works team PTG raced the BMW E36 and E46 M3 GT, GTR and GT2 race cars in the American Le Mans Series, Rolex Grand AM and World Challenge series. I upgraded to the Performance Friction Brakes aluminum hat, floating rotors and carbon brake pads specifically cut to fit in the street car BMW calipers. (NOTE) BMW Motorsport did a fantastic job fixing this issue in the new F80/F82 M3/M4 with carbon metallic brake pads and rotors, effectively removing the brake fade problem forever, also improving the longevity of the brake system far beyond the previous generations of M3 vehicles.

I'm excited for the future of BMW AG Motorsport factory works racing the all new BMW M8 GTE/GTLM and past BMW Motorsport customer race car programs with the BMW Motorsport E90 320si race car, BMW Motorsport E92 M3 GT4 race car, BMW Motorsport E89 Z4 GT3 race car, BMW Motorsport F13 M6 GT3 race car, BMW Motorsport M235iR race car and the BMW Motorsport F82 M4 GT4 race car. 

If your still reading this then you're an uber BMW Motorsport fan and enthusiast, we should probably be Facebook friends! So lets start with some basics for educational purposes, we will look at the BMW E46 M3 GT2 and GTR race cars pictured on my right what do you first notice about the car besides the beautiful racing paint scheme? If its the aero dynamic body and rear wing good job! BMW did this on purpose to increase aerodynamic down force on the car, the faster it goes the better the handling and grip on track. So the faster you go in a street car for example the car starts to typically rise up. If you've ever been to an amateur drag strip event or the NO FLY ZONE competition out in AZ. you've seen the cars racing down the straightway and one car out of ten almost always looks like it's been lifted as you watch it streak past at 85 - 100 MPH+ "it floats." 

As air flows over the car it also flows under pushing the car up in the air making it appear lifted, this also slows you down because now your tires aren't being pushed back into the ground for additional traction to deliver that marvelous torque to the ground. Thanks to BMW AG Motorsport engineers they designed some fantastic molds to make fresh carbon fiber aero dynamic body parts to increase your race cars down force to avoid the floating problem and increase traction to the ground as your BMW engine cranks out horse power and torque.

How did all this start you may be wondering? I turned my BMW AG Motorsport passion into a living and worked hard to come up with a multitude of marketing ideas and business proposals. Contacted BMW AG president Dr. Panke back in 2005, he liked my website "especially the ultimate safe car page" and my business proposal. When we spoke for the first time he essentially asked what could BMW AG do for you? That's when I said I wanted to educate and sell the BMW AG Motorsport race cars and parts online. He then put me in touch with his motorsport department who then educated me further about BMW AG Motorsport race cars and parts from the past to the present. I feel incredibly lucky and honored to have established friendships at BMW Group and BMW AG Motorsport division that have stood the test of time.

Also along the way I have met some of the greatest race team legends in BMW Motorsport history and have had the humble experience to work with and receive an education in motorsport business. I have traveled around the world and been to Germany to meet with BMW AG Motorsport representatives and race teams to continue learning and share the Motorsport pulse / information I have accumulated over the years. I must say after experiencing first hand the passion, BMW AG puts into its racing events in Europe it has inspired me further to increase international awareness about BMW AG Motorsport series events, race cars and parts.

BMW AG has successfully created an incredibly fun and unique race car experience for any and all Motorsport fans in Europe who attend a DTM race series.

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