BMW Motorsport E46 M3 GT ALMS

S54/P54 Side Pipe Exhaust System



BMW Motorsport E46 M3 race car chassis did not come originally with a side pipe exhaust system. The now iconic side pipe exhaust system was custom created by the BMW race car teams such as BMW Motorsport Works Team Schnitzer and BMW NA Motorsport Team PTG. The side pipe exhaust system developed for race track use only saved weight and allowed for more power. It brings us great pleasure to offer this performance racing side pipe exhaust system to the BMW E46 M3 S54B32 customer race car enthusiast. The BMW E46 M3 side pipe racing exhaust system is comprised of 3 parts that attach to the BMW S54/P54B32-34 engines #1. BMW Motorsport exhaust manifold, #2. custom Side pipe X-Pipe & #3. custom Side pipe Muffler. With these 3 non street legal, exhaust system racing parts it will allow you to have the exact same BMW Motorsport E46 M3 GT ALMS factory race car chassis side pipe exhaust system. These 3 race car parts utilize the exact same shape, dimensions and location as the BMW Motorsport E46 M3 GT ALMS race car chassis side pipe exhaust system.

Please note this race car parts package, "side pipe exhaust system" is not street legal and will deliver the iconic fireball effect scene on the BMW NA Motorsport Team PTG E46 M3 GT ALMS race car's when the system is warmed up and the stand alone engine management system has been tuned properly. (Warning this will bark flames out the side pipe exhaust system.)

Optional side pipe straight pipe muffler replacement design also available upon request. Please note this is not allowed at most race tracks due to side pipe straight pipe design producing an extreme exhaust sound exceeding max. sound DB limits.